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Ask A Scientist

As part of our Ask A Scientist program, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sharon Jones about robotics recently!

As a STEM Educational Consultant, and mom of 2, we got to talking about creative ways of motivating and teaching kids at home.  Since Sharon helps to design STEM curricula for schools and educators across the country, she knows a thing or two about this topic.  In fact, it turns out that she’d written up a great STEM way of doing the dishes! 

She was kind enough to share this download with our community, and we talk through it in the video below. 

Enjoy families, may your STEM learning be neverending, and may our kids find STEM learning all around the house! 


STEM way of organizing Dishes Computational Thinking

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In this video, Dr. Sharon Jones shares how to turn the simple act of Dishwashing into a STEM activity. We kept this short – the download is above.  But we sure love everything this stands for – educational, creative, at-home, and one less chore to do absent-minded.  We can’t wait to hear what you all think! 💚

About Dr. Sharon Jones

Dr. Sharon Jones, the founder, and CEO of The dot. Consulting and the Dottie Rose Foundation, where she creates, innovates, and implements cutting-edge technology-focused. Dr. Jones is also an award-winning educator and has presented and been published nationally and internationally on data analytics, educational practices, technology training, and technology practices. 

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