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Easy Origami Endangered Animals

Origami Animals

Origami Animals

Easy Origami Endangered Animals

Several species of animals all over the world are listed as endangered, meaning their population numbers are so low that they are at risk for going extinct. Many species of animals are also listed as vunerable, meaning they’re numbers are declining and may soon be added to the list of endangered animals. What causes an animal’s population to decrease in the wild? Environmental factors are usually to blame such as habitat destruction and toxins. As we take up more of the earth’s space with buildings and roads, animals have less space to grow and thrive. Illegal hunting can also cause animal species numbers to decline.

How Can You Help?

Start at home by recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. The less waste that goes into our environment, the better for all animals. You can also create habitats for animals that visit your yard. A bee garden, insect house, or small diy pond can be fun to make and helpful for little animals.

Expand your reach to your community by volunteering to clean up local parks and beaches.

Visit here for more ideas on how you can help endangered species.

Origami Endangered Animals

Origami is a fun way to sit down and create without making a huge mess. We’ve selected a few animals from the endangered and vunerable species lists to make into paper animals.

Galapagos Penguin

origami animals from Green Kid Crafts

In the past penguins were hunted which decreased their numbers. Today, overfishing limits their food supply leaving several species of penguins on the endangered and vulnerable lists.

Giant Panda

Origami anials from Green Kid Crafts

The giant panda is no longer on the endangered list and is now considered vulnerable. This sounds like good news but there is still so much work to keep these beautiful animals from going extinct. Habitat destruction is the primary concern for pandas.

Harlequin Frog

origami frog from Green Kid Crafts

origami frog from Green Kid Crafts

The Harlequin Frog’s numbers have declined sharply but no one is exactly sure why. Many scientists believe that global warming and a disease that affects amphibians called Chytridiomycosis are be to blame.

Blue Whale

origami whale from Green Kid Crafts

The Blue Whale is one of many whales on the endangered list. Whales are high on the food chain and if they go extinct it will cause problems for other marine life. Whales are declining in numbers due to toxins in the ocean, colliding with boats, and commercial fishing of whales.

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