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african grasslands


African Grasslands Experiment for At-Home Learners

Growing grass is nothing special, right? Well, when you fill your grass with little animals, all of a sudden growing grass becomes VERY fun! Make your own African grasslands playscape with this experiment!

African Grasslands

Supplies:  grass seed, potting soil, aluminum pan, rocks, spray bottle, and African animals.

African grasslands

Step one:  Fill the bottom of the aluminum pan with rocks for drainage.  We just collected some from outside.

African grasslands

Step two:  Put a layer of potting soil on top of the rocks.

African grasslands

Step three:  Lay grass seed on the soil and cover with another thin layer of soil.

African grasslands

Step four:  put the pan in front of the window.  This is a perfect time to teach your child about what a plant needs to grow…sunlight and water.  We filled the spray bottle with water and when it was dry we would give it a squirt!

African grasslands

Step five:  Add the animals to the grassland!  We got books from the library about Africa and the types of animals and ecosystems located there. This is a great learning opportunity that is fun and so easy!

African Grasslands Project

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