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No-Sew Winter Craft Hand Warmers

Sock Snowman 030

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The weather is finally getting a bit cool here at Green Kid Crafts HQ in San Diego. We spent one wintery morning making these fun hand warmers. Big socks filled with rice  can be microwaved for a snuggly friend to take to bed or out on chilly errands with Mommy. No sewing required for this easy winter craft!  You might already have all of the materials you need at home. These guys are great for giving as holiday gifts to teachers, family, and friends. Add your favorite essential oil for a little extra comfort.


Sock Snowman 002


1 Men’s Crew Length sock

2 1/2 Cups rice

Hot Glue Gun



Fabric scraps for decorating.

*I thought I’d need the no-frey glue to keep the socks from unraveling, but hot glue worked just fine!





  1. First cut the sock in half at the heel and turn the upper part inside out.

Tie off that end tightly with string securing your knots with a dab of hot glue (tie one knot around, and then send the ends of the string back around in opposite directions a few times and knot again)

Turn the upper right side in and fill with as much rice as you can, packing it down and stretching the sock as you go. ( A funnel really helps here)



2.  Tie off the top tightly using the same method as before.

3.  Squeeze in your snowman about a third of the way from the top, tie another string around the neck, and secure with hot glue.

4.  Fold over the cut end of the foot and position  it on the head. Once you’ve got it where you want it, go back and hot glue it in place. Be sure to glue the folded over part as well. Try to keep from leaving any   exposed hot glue as it may get hot or melty in the microwave.

5. Decorate with sharpies and fabric being sure to avoid things which might get too hot in the microwave such as buttons or eyes.


Pop your snuggle buddy in the microwave for 2 minutes next to a cup with an inch of water and enjoy! (Do not put the snowman into the water)

*Be sure to check for hot spots before snuggling


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