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Craft for Kids: DIY Holiday Card Placemats

This article was first published in Real Simple magazine by Kathryn Streeter.  We’ve added pictures to our submission further to customer inquiries.

In this kid-friendly craft project, we repurpose those holiday cards and give them a new life – and a front seat at our table all year long. 


  • Holiday cards and photos
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue
  • Paper or cardboard 
  • Clear packing tape or laminating paper


1. Look through your holiday stack, and cut out pieces that have the most meaning to you. Photos, kind words, silly drawings. 🙂 

2. Use glue or tape to arrange your cut-outs onto your paper or cardboard. You can arrange in a shape or cover the whole surface.  Don’t forget the other side too! 

3. Use self-adhesive laminating paper, or simple strips of clear packing tape to cover the surface of your collage.  To protect and make them spill-proof, try to reduce air pockets and to get every edge.  Use scissors to trim edges. 

Tip: Think about your arrangement before you start cutting, and get creative with your paper or cardboard guide! 

Now you and your family can use these holiday cards as placemats, or kids can use them as activity mats throughout the year. We’ve even been known to use them as tea party and special birthday party placemats. They make for great conversation starters, and wonderful reminders of the people who love us. 💚


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