Painted Rock Birds


Painted Rocks Bird Craft for Kids

These adorable painted rocks are a favorite for all ages. Kids can keep them as their own little pet rock, give them as a gift, or place in the garden as a fun decoration. Here in California, and many other states, painting rocks has become a huge craze. People paint rocks and hide them in different areas of their towns. People find the rocks and take selfies with them for local rock sharing Facebook groups, and then re-hide them.

We think these rocks are cute to hide or just keep in your own garden as a cute decoration. If you’d like to share your own painted rocks tag us with #greenkidcraftsrocks on Instagram.


painted rocks

  • Clean Rocks
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Marker


Start with clean rocks that have smooth edges. These are easier to paint for first time artists and kids.

painted rocks

Paint the rock one solid color.

painted rocks

Use paint and paint markers to eyes, a beak, feathers, and any other details to your bird.

painted rocks

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