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Apple Tasting Sensory Activity for Kids

Apple Tasting Activity for Kids + Printable

Kids are heading back to school soon which means fall is quickly approaching. We homeschool part-time and I love incorporating apple activities into our curriculum. Basically, I love everything fall! I’m sharing an apple themed printable that will get your kids trying healthy foods while doing an apple-tasting activity.

My preschooler and Kindergarten aged kids did this activity and filled in their favorite apple flavors on their charts. They’ve always loved apples, but they enjoyed the activity anyways. It was fun to see their different opinions on taste and which apple they chose as their favorite!


  • Apples in 3 different colors
  • Color crayons to match the apples
  • Knife and plate
  • Printable Apple Sensory Activity Worksheet (see below to print)


  1. Print out an Apple Sensory Activity worksheet for each child.
  2. Cut the apples into slices and place them together on a plate.
  3. Kids can take turns sampling slices of different colors of apples.
  4. Fill in the apples on the worksheets with crayons.

apple activity

Apple Activity

This sensory activity gives kids the chance to taste apples and think about what they’re tasting. They may discover that some apples are tart while others are sweet. The end of the worksheet gives kids the chance to choose their favorite kind of apple from the ones they’ve tried. If you have kids who don’t usually like to eat fruits, this may be a way to find something they do like and incorporate new food into their diet.

apple activity

If your kids are like mine and do enjoy apples, this is a great sensory and fine motor skill activity. Try finding apples that your kids haven’t tasted before and see how they compare to the apples you usually buy.

Happy tasting!

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